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Ordering and delivery


Who your partner is depends on the country of delivery.
Who your contract partner is depends on the country in which delivery is made. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, G Data Software AG is your partner and will take care of despatching goods you have ordered from us. In France, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, the Netherlands and the USA your partner is a G Data representative who will take care of despatching goods. In Poland and Japan our subsidiary companies G Data Poland and G Data Japan act as our contracting partners.
Please direct any questions or issues regarding delivery of goods you have ordered to

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Delivery time
The delivery time for a box product - not 'electronic software download' (ESD) - depends on the payment method selected and the delivery service used.
The following notes only apply if G Data Software AG is your contract partner. If your partner is not G Data Software AG, you can obtain this information on our partner's or our subsidiary company's web site.
If you are paying by direct debit, the goods will be despatched once payment has been received.
If you have selected credit card payment, debit card payment, online transfer, payment in advance, payment on invoice (delivery address must be identical to the invoice address!) or payment on delivery as your payment method, the goods will be dispatched when the order is received.
Please note that, for payment on delivery within Germany, Deutsche Post will charge a fee of EUR 4.00 incl. a handling fee of EUR 2.00 that is not covered by G Data .
For payments on delivery abroad, Deutsche Post charges the following fees: EUR 3.10  delivery fee, with an additional EUR 1.00  for liability on goods with a value of up to EUR 100.00 and a further EUR 2.05 added to the fee for registered delivery. In addition, there is a charge of EUR 5.00 for money transfer within the EU and EUR 11.00 for non-EU countries.
If G Data Software AG is your contract partner, goods ordered will be despatched via Deutsche Post or UPS. We generally prefer to send via UPS as this service is faster and more secure and you have the ability to track your goods via the tracking number issued with each UPS delivery. Delivery time with Deutsche Post in Germany and the EU is between three and eight working days, in non-EU countries between eight working days and six weeks. You can find UPS delivery times on the UPS homepage at www.ups.com.
We will also be able to offer you a 24h delivery service in the future. However this service is not yet available.